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Battery Cable

Double Insulated Battery Cables

Battery Cables are double insulated and extra flexible cables. Marine cables are designed to withstand severe climatic and mechanical conditions. Resistant to petrol, lubricating oils and diluted acids. The sheath is flexible in both high and low temperatures and is flame retardant. Manufactured in accordance with BS638 part 4 standard.

Tinned copper conductors (Orange only) - high temperature separator. Butyl rubber insulation - rubber sheath 85°C

Please see our Ocean Flex range for low voltage marine cables.

Double Insulated Battery / Welding Cables

Part No *Conductor Specification(mm) Conductor Cross Section (mm²) Maximum Overall Diameter  (mm) Sheath Colours Reel size
W16 513/0.20 16 9.7 **Black, Orange 100
W25 783/0.20 25 11.2 **Black, Orange 100
W35 1107/0.20 35 12.4 **Black, Orange 100
W50 1566/0.20 50 14.3 **Black, Orange
W70 2214/0.20 70 16.3 **Black, Orange 100

**Note - copper conductors on the black sheathed cables are not tinned.
*The conductor specifications shown are representative configurations, actual cable strands may differ slightly, but will meet resistance values shown.