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Classic PVC Low Voltage Cable

PVC 2 Core Auto Cables (Flat Twins)

The PVC Flat-twin cables are low voltage wiring cables perfect for the automotive, marine and allied industry, Marine cables are manufactured at its highest quality, below you will find the specification of the marine cable which is a PVC 2 Core Auto Cables (Flat Twin).

Manufactured in accordance with BS6862 Part 1 1971, where applicable. Plain copper conductors - PVC insulated and sheathed 70°C.

PVC 2 Core Auto Cables (Flat Twins)

Part No *Conductor Specification (mm) Conductor Cross Section (mm²) Maximum Overall Dimensions (mm) Sheath Colour Core Colours Reel Sizes (Metres)
1649 2 x 9/0.30 2 x 0.65 6.00 x 3.55 Black Black, Red 30, 100
1650 2 x 14/0.30 2 x 1.0 6.50 x 3.85 Black 30, 100
1652 2 x 28/0.30 2 x 2.0 7.55 x 4.35 Black 30, 100

*The conductor specifications shown are representative configurations, actual cable may differ slightly, but will meet resistance values shown. (Please refer to single core for resistance values).