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SBT2, SBT3, SBT4, S906, S561, S563, SELF STRIPPING, S953, S954, quick, simple, T911, T912, T915, T917, BRASS, DOUBLE BULLET, FLEXIBLE, CABLE CONNECTOR, FC719, FC720, FC721, HEAT SHRINK, SOLDER BUTT, electrical connection, PACK, BAG, Pre Insulated, Terminals, Easy Entry, Heat Shrink, Use with cables 0.5mm, Use with cables 0.6mm, Suitable for Cables 0.5mm²–1.5mm², 16/0.20mm–21/0.30mm, Suitable for Cables 1.5mm²–2.5mm² 21/0.30mm–35/0.30mm, Suitable for Cables 4.0mm²–6.0mm² 56/0.30mm–84/0.30mm,Ring, Spade, Male, Female, Crimp, Bullet, Piggy Back, Fork, Connector, Red, Blue, Yellow