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Terminals & Connectors


Quick Release Nylon Connector Housings for male and female pin terminals

Available in natural (N)

Our Nylon Electrical Connectors are available in packs of 10 or 100
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Part No. MNM2

2 Way Male

Part No. MNF2

2 Way Female

Part No. MNM3

3 Way Male

Part No. MNF3

3 Way Female

Part No. MNM6

6 Way Male

Part No. MNF6

6 Way Female

Part No. MNM9

9 Way Male

Part No. MNF9

 9 Way Female

Part No. MNM12

12 Way Male

Part No. MNF12

12Way Female

Part No. MNM15

15 Way Male

Part No. MNF15

15 Way Female