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Circuit Protection

LED Blade Fuse Boxes


LED Blade Fuse Box complete with transparent cover.

Consists of 1 x 5mm positive power input stud which feeds each of the blade fuses. Each fuse has a 6.3mm male blade terminal and a red LED indicator light next to it that glows when the fuse has blown. The boxes can be fixed to a firm surface using the mounting holes.

Part No No. Of Fuses Male Blade Terminals Fitted Dimensions(mm) H x W x D Pack Size
FBB4L 4 4 x 6.3mm 35 x 45 x 85 1
FBB6L 6 6 x 6.3mm 35 x 65 x 85 1
FBB10L 10 10 x 6.3mm 35 x 95 x 85 1