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BUTT, SPLICE, SPLICES, TINNED, COPPER, CRIMP, JOINING CABLES, CTB06, CTB10, CTB16, CTB25, CTB35, CTB50, CTB70, OPEN END, OPEN ENDED, SOLDERING, ET10/6, ET10/8, ET10/10, ET16/6, ET16/8, ET16/10, ET25/6, ET25/8, ET25/10, ET35/8, ET35/10, ET50/8, ET50/10, ET70/8, ET70/10, COPPER TUBE, COPPER TUBE TERMINALS, BARREL. HEAVY DUTY, CTT06/5, CTT06/6, CTT06/8, CTT10/5, CTT10/6, CTT10/8, CTT10/10, CTT10/12, CTT16/5, CTT16/6, CTT16/8, CTT16/10, CTT16/12, CTT25/5, CTT25/6, CTT25/8, CTT25/10, CTT25/12, CTT35/6, CTT35/8, CTT35/10, CTT35/12, CTT50/6, CTT50/8, CTT50/10, CTT50/12, CTT70/8, CTT70/10, CTT70/12, CTT95/8, CTT95/10, CTT95/12, CTT120/10, CTT120/12, SOLDER, FLUX, RS7, RS12