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Battery Cable

Tinned Copper Earth Braids

Manufactured in accordance with BS6862 part 1 1971, where applicable. Tinned copper conductors.

Tinned Copper Earthing Braids

Part No *Conductor Specification (mm) Conductor Cross Section (mm²) Maximum Overall Diameter (mm) Nominal Current Rating (Amps)** Configuration Reel Sizes
400 16/16/0.30 19 7.2 130.0 Round 10 
401 16/32/0.30 37 11.1 260.0 Round 10, 30

*The conductor specifications shown are representative configurations, actual cable strand may differ slightly, but will meet resistance values shown.

**Nominal current amperage ratings are provided as a guide only and can vary depending on application, conditions and environmental factors.  If in doubt, please consult a qualified electrician.