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Capabilities / Markets

We manufacture a range of low voltage single and multi core cables and battery cables suitable for the automotive and marine markets, as well as our tinned copper Oceanflex range which is popular in the marine industry as it has anti-corrosive properties. We supply Twin flex cable and high voltage electric vehicle cable too. Our markets include OEMs, auto electricians, the aftermarket, loom and harness manufacturers and large distributors. As well as being a cable manufacturer, we also distribute a comprehensive range of electrical components.

At our factory in Manchester, we extrude millions of metres of cable, wind thousands of finished reels and pack over 13,000 electrical components and accessories per week. We are continuously driving efficiencies into our processes to be able to react to what our customers need. We pride ourselves on our outstanding delivery performance which averages over 99% of all orders shipped complete and on time.

We manufacture and stock a variety of automotive and marine cables including:

  • Low voltage thin wall automotive cable
  • Range of 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core and 7 core PVC sheathed auto cables
  • Battery cables
  • Starter cables
  • Stereo speaker cables
  • PVC ignition cables
  • Rubber mains cables
  • Tinned copper cables (our OCEANFLEX range)
  • Twinflex cable

We can offer our cables on bulk drums and in box pack for volume users and on small reels for distributors. Please click here to see more about our box pack capabilities. Private label opportunities are available as well should a customer wish to have their own brand on the reels which we wind in house to their requirements. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of having private labels please contact our sales team.

In addition to our standard cable products we can also manufacture a range of more specialised cables which have included arctic grade, high temperature and twisted pairs. To view our full range of automotive and marine cables please see our catalogue.

We are also distributors of a wide range of electrical accessories and electrical components internationally. Our range includes the following:

  • Electrical coils, power coils and adaptor coils
  • Fuse holders
  • Terminals and connectors
  • Circuit protection including fuses, relay boxes, relay holders, mini relays, circuit breakers and fuse boxes
  • Conduit sleeving, tapes, cable ties and conduit fitting interfaces
  • Battery starter and earthing cables, battery terminals, battery terminal covers, butt splices, copper tube terminals and open end terminals
  • Busbars, busbar covers and enclosed busbars
  • Anderson power connectors, junction boxes, battery master switches, crocodile clips and power jointing boxes
  • Jump leads and battery straps
  • Towing products such as sockets and socket adaptors, rubber gaskets and more towing accessories
  • Assortment boxes and kits
  • Crimping tools and ratchet crimping tools for a variety of pre-insulated and non-insulated terminals
  • Cable strippers and cable cutters including heavy duty options
  • Copper tube terminal crimping tools, Micro torches and cable tie tensioning tools

We are the official UK aftermarket distributor for MTA Italy. Please contact our sales team if you’d like to make an enquiry or for more information about the MTA range.

To view product details or to see our full range of electrical components and electrical accessories please see our catalogue.