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Q and A with Peter Hammond

As Auto Marine celebrates 50 years, we interview Managing Director, Peter Hammond and Sales Development David Hammond.


Q. Peter, congratulations as Auto Marine enters its 50th year, what are the key factors that have contributed to your growth and sustainability? 

A.  Giving customers value for money, being proud of the company. Being honest, fair and conscientious towards everything and everyone we come in contact with. Constantly moving the business forward with the support of a good management team.


Q. Auto Marine has built a reputation of excellence, sound manufacturing and quality, how important do you view these attributes in the company's success?

A. There are no alternatives – full stop.


Q. In your opinion how important is it to work closely with and listen to your customers?

A. We try not to sell to customers, more find out what they want and provide them with a solution either product or service


Q. I know Auto Marine prides itself on utilising the latest technology and implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing, but how important is your team to the success of the business?

A. As stated above, my ambition is to develop the best team possible for an SME that has control of each responsibility under their remit. To enable them to do this they need full access to information and support from the Directors. We work in cross-functional teams on most projects so we develop the process across the site rather than by the department.


Q. As a UK manufacturer and supplier of high quality cables and distributor of electrical components and accessories throughout the automotive and marine sectors, what demands/changes have you seen in these markets in the last 5 to 10 years?

A. Customers expectations have been the most significant change. Next day delivery for orders placed as late as possible have increased significantly so our systems have had to match the demand. 99.5% of products are delivered on time in full to the customers need by date.


Q. Auto Marine originally started as a car accessory shop (Kar-Bar) in 1964, the company has evolved tremendously over the last 50 years. Where do you see Auto Marine in 10 years time?

A. Expanding our core products ranges has already started, new cable products are in the pipe-line and export is something we need to develop. We need our customers to see us as the only option to buy from. 


Q. Finally, Peter, if you were to sum up your experience in one word at Auto Marine since becoming managing director in 1999 what would that be?

A. Terrific.