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New from Auto Marine - OCEANFLEX?? product range

New from Auto Marine - OCEANFLEX® product range

Industry leader Auto Marine is the UK’s largest low voltage manufacturer of high quality cables and a distributor of electrical components and accessories throughout the automotive and marine sectors. 

Auto Marine recently launched their new OCEANFLEX® product range at the The Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), held annually at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, Holland.

 The state-of-the-art OCEANFLEX® Cable is a tinned thin wall low voltage wiring cable designed for use in harsh environments, the copper strands are tin plated, which makes this cable more resistant to corrosion.

In harsh environments low voltage copper cables corrode over time, the copper oxidises turning black and in salt water environments copper forms a carbonate layer (turquoise).  Both these elements cause the cable to have a decreased electrical conductivity which eventually weakens the cable and causes electrical faults and failures.

OCEANFLEX®  has been specifically designed to combat these problems.  The copper conductors have been tin plated to that they are highly resistant to corrosion over short or longer periods of time whether caused by moisture, water or salt water.  OCEANFLEX® cables have a much greater life span compared to standard cables which in turn results in lower repair/maintenance costs and reduced down time due to failures.

Ideally suited for general wiring in the Automotive and Marine industries where there is exposure to water, typical applications include:- boats, rally cars and off road vehicles.

OCEANFLEX® is the perfect choice, when designing, building repairing or changing low voltage electrical wiring in harsh environments.

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