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Q&A with Tony Barrett

Q. Tony, congratulations on your new role as Auto Marine's Supply Chain Manager. What does your new role involve?

A. Working with the team, to source / develop new products which we can sell through the existing routes as well as being more competitive on some of the existing products. This will result in increased revenue and profitability for the business. I am sure there will be lots of other initiatives to get stuck into.

Q. What first attracted you to this role?

A. Having first met Peter, I was extremely impressed by the company’s values and especially its commitment to looking after its employees and customers. Not every company will invest so much time and effort in having its employees achieve NVQ in Business Improvement - the results of this will be of benefit to all, for years to come.

Having an OTIF of 99.6% is extremely impressive and with this level of service, customers will stay loyal as we are making their lives easy. The “Logistics Excellence” award from the NAA also demonstrates external recognition of this achievement.

I also think there are some great opportunities for us to increase revenue and profitability by sourcing additional products and selling these through existing channels.

Q. From your previously held positions what experience can you bring to the role?

A. I have over 25 years experience in working closely with a global supplier base for sourcing and developing new products in conjunction with customers and internal sales. I also like to keep our costs under control in order to make us more competitive to our customers, therefore securing more business and increasing our margins. I also strongly believe people are our main asset and look forward to working closely with all my new colleagues.

Q. Auto Marine has just celebrated 50 years in business, how important is it to establish good relationships with your supply chain partners?

A. The key word here is “Partners”.  It is important to have long term relationships with suppliers as you need to engage them in a process of continual improvement of both products and services. Suppliers have a huge impact on our business in terms of quality, timeliness, competitiveness and  innovation, but developing good relationships with them should not really be a complicated process. We need to be communicative, tell them of our needs and expectations, treat them fairly, be demanding, be loyal, and pay them on time. It's that easy..........!

Q. Finally Tony as you embark on this exciting new role what super power would you like to have if you could choose one!

A. I would love to be a clairvoyant and get out my crystal ball to see into the future. This would enable me to see what our customers need and then ensure we have the products available for them.