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A Year of Challenges and Successes for AMC

We have reached the end of another successful year at Auto Marine Cables. Having overcome some challenges we are another step further in our quest for excellence.  

Our biggest challenge has been time. With so many great improvement project ideas being put forwards it’s difficult to get through all of them. Especially with ‘business as usual’ keeping the teams busy. We prioritised the projects that would bring us the greatest benefits and worked through them first. The challenge was to free up enough resource to focus on these improvements and see them successfully implemented. Despite this, we are pleased to say that the teams managed to implement many positive changes. In manufacturing, we carried out a variety of modifications to plant and machinery to increase reliability of our equipment and boost productivity.

Our greatest success this year has been the Employee Survey. Independent consultants carried out the anonymous survey which involved interviewing 21 employees across the site from all departments, role s and with various lengths of service. The consultants chose 34 questions using the government’s guidelines on employee surveys to ask the team. We are pleased to say that 80% of all answers were positive which are some of the best results this consultant company has seen. When asked if they enjoy coming to work, 62% of the people interviewed said ‘always’ and the remaining 38% said ‘most of the time’.  We concluded that they must all be barking mad or we are doing something right at AMC!

The benefits of the survey were that it highlighted areas we do well and identified areas in which we can improve. From the feedback we received several changes have been made.  We are rolling out leadership training for all managers at every level to ensure consistency in our approach and style and we have improved the way we communicate. Our weekly and monthly briefs have been redesigned to ensure the information is put into context and that the business objectives are made clear so every member of the team knows where they play a part. Furthermore, the introduction of the HR Communication Notice Board has helped us to give employees the information they require from the business plan, company health scheme and company values to the latest charity event we’ve done as a team and the upcoming Christmas Buffet!

Thank you to all who participated. Your feedback is invaluable and we appreciate your honesty.

We are looking forwards to what the next 12 months has to bring and will continue to drive improvements into the business.