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Rewind Bar Kaizen Project

Currently, doing a ‘rewind’ job to satisfy customer demand is time consuming. It involves reworking of a product from stock into shorter lengths. On average, one rewind job can take between 20 and 30 minutes depending on requirements. On top of working the same product twice which affects productivity and cost, an operator also has to set up the winding machine specifically for these slow running smaller jobs. Mark Haslam, one of our colleagues, suggested we fit a small arm on the front of the input stands that these smaller reels can sit on during rewinds. This avoids the need for a full changeover in the usual input stand as the reels can be placed on the arm within a couple of seconds. Below is an example of our current state.



The new arm has now been designed and fitted and we are delighted to announce we have reduced the takt time of rewind jobs by 75%. On top of that, it has made the process less strenuous for the operator by removing the process step of lifting the bar to put the small reels on as in the above image. The images below show the new bar attached to the front of the input stand. After the successful implementation of the first arm we will be rolling the design out to our other winding machines over the coming weeks. Great idea Mark, keep them coming!