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Dee Webster Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary at AMC

Dee Webster has recently celebrated her 20 year anniversary with AMC. Dee joined us in 1997 as a Sales Administrator progressing through Senior Customer Service Advisor and on to Sales Office Manager. Here's a little bit about Dee...

Dee loves bling and anything girly (her favourite colour is pink - of course), her favourite animal is the tiger and she absolutely adores dogs. Dee's favourite TV show is Eastenders (we don't know how Dee would cope if they stopped filming). Her biggest dislike is liars and her dream retirement is to move to Norfolk and live out the rest of her days surrounded by the countryside and fresh air.

When asked about her personal life, Dee said "I'm married with two beautiful children. We have two dogs, Betty the westie and Toby the Springer, a cat called Diouf (husband is a Bolton fan) and a tortoise called George. My eldest child has Autism and I feel passionate that adults and children with disabilities should have the same opportunities and be accepted like everyone else".

Dee added "I love Auto Marine, it's a great company to work for, full of people who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service".

Some colleagues had a few words to say about Dee:

Lisa Buckley our Senior Customer Service Advisor and deputy to Dee said " Congratulations on 20 years service. It's been a pleasure working with Dee who I've always looked up to as a co-worker".

Gemma Parker one of our Customer Service Advisors added "I've worked with Dee for 8 years and can always rely on her to cheer the office up by singing a variety of songs throughout the day (even though it's usually the same line of the song over and over so it gets stuck in your head)".

As a friend, a colleague and a valued team member we look forward to continuing to work together (until your retirement in Norfolk!).