The UK’s Number 1 Manufacturer of Cables for the Automotive and Marine Industries
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The UK's Number 1 Manufacturer of Cables

for the Automotive and Marine Industries

Exporting to 49 Countries

The UK's Number 1 Manufacturer of Cables

for the Automotive and Marine Industries

In early 2019 Auto Marine cables identified the ever increasing requirement to provide “bespoke” solutions to the more complex automotive and marine electrical systems. In response to these new challenges and requirements within the industry our new solutions division was born.

Our team will work closely with you on all aspects from research and development to design and manufacturing providing the specialist technology and bespoke solutions our industry now demands.

The products we supply are engineered for the marketplace, and developed with end-to-end engineering solutions to solve the complexities faced, specifically focusing on reducing cost and product installation time. Working directly with marine and automotive specialists our highly skilled team develops solutions to meet the end user’s specific requirements, and provide ongoing support throughout the operational life of the products and auxiliary components.

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SMART Series Battery-to-Battery Charger

The SMART Series 1230.1 is a high performance +12Vdc – 30 AMP multi-stage battery-to-battery charger. It incorporates the latest euro 5/6 (Eco) compatible software, working seamlessly with smart alternators and vehicle manufacturers’ eco-technology, including stop-start and regenerative braking. The charger uses advanced multi-stage battery charging technology to automatically and precisely charge +12Vdc auxiliary batteries in a controlled and safe manner, not only ensuring maximum and speedy charging but also keeping batteries in optimum condition, minimising battery degrading and possible long term failure.

SMART Series Lithium Battery-to-Battery Charger

The SMART Series 1230L.1 is the first addition to the battery-to-battery range, and works with lithium battery supply. Maintaining the +12Vdc – 30 AMP multi-stage performance, the product contains latest euro 5/6 (Eco) compatible software. The charger is designed to be easy to install and has a proven track record of reliability in the field.

SMART Series Wiring Kit

A ready assembled wiring kit suitable for the SMART
charger SMART1230.1 and the SMART lithium charger SMART1230L.1
• Universal wiring kit compatible with most vehicles
• Significantly reduces installation time
• Complete with everything you need to fit the charger
For pack contents please see image

Temperature Monitoring System

Automatically monitoring the kennel areas of the vehicle and constantly displaying the kennel air temp on a LED display within the vehicle cab area, providing an audible alarm in vehicle cab and ( Where Fitted ) remote notification from the vehicle via a long range radio pager carried by the handler, automatically operating ( vehicle fitted ventilation fans ) on an alarm state at high kennel temp warning at 22 Dg C until manual system intervention by the handler – vehicle operator.